The Safari UT 250 is the latest in Lithium battery technology. It replaces traditional deep cycle lead acid batteries with the safest Lithium – Iron Phosphate. It is a “plug and play”– simply remove the deep cycle lead acid battery from your RV or boat and replace it with this superior performing battery.


The life of this Lithium battery is 14 times that of deep cycle lead acid batteries.


The Safari UT 250 is a great energy storage unit for solar power from panels on homes, cabins, and businesses and RVs.


The Safari UT 250 is virtually maintenance free, meaning you don’t have to use it or even trickle charge it every 3-4 months, deal with fluids since it doesn’t have any, or remove it from your vehicle and store it for the next season. It can hold its charge for up to 2 years and can be recharged after that time too.


It will maintain a charge for up to 2 years without having to charge it. This is known as shelf life or storage life. We recommend using it more frequently than every 2 years, though.


The Safari UT 250 performs better than lead acid batteries in most weather conditions. It can charge between temps of 32° to 113° and can discharge between -4° to 131° at 100% rate. Outside these ranges it can discharge at a lower rate.


It weighs in at 5.2 Pounds. The dimensions are 7.1” L x 3.0” W x 6.6” H


The rated capacity is commonly referred to as a 12V, 20Ah (how much energy is stored in it), 250Wh.


Can be used in series or parellel. You can increase the voltage from 12V on a UT up to 48V total by connecting them in series (4 batteries connected together via + to - posts). You can increase the Amps (A) and Amp Hours (Ah) up to 1500A and 1000Ah by connecting them in parallel (+ to + and - to -).

Safari UT 250

SKU: 50170128
  • Battery Class - Lithium Ion

    Battery Chemistry - LiFePO4 - Lithium Iron Phosphate
    (also called LFP - Lithium FerroPhosphate)

    Rated Capacity - 12 V / 20 Ah / 250 Wh - How we Measure

    Cycle Life - 3500+ & 100% DoD

    Weight - 5.2 Pounds

    Dimensions - 7.1” L x 3.0” W x 6.6” H

    Nominal Voltage - 12.8 V
    Technical Rated Capacity - 19.5 Ah

    Standard Charge Current - 10 A
    Max Charge Current - 30 A
    Max Charge Volt - 14.6 V

    Max Continuous Discharge Current - 35 A

    Operation Temperature - -4 to 130 ºF
    Charge Temperature - 32 to 110 ºF


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