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See Why Ryter Cooperative Industries is Detroit's Leading Solar Energy Provider

Goldman Sach 10,000 small Businesses

On Sep 8, 2022, Ali Dirul, CEO/Founder of Ryter Cooperative Industries, was honored to be selected as a scholar of the 25th cohort Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses. RCI has actively promoted energy justice and contributes to an equitable energy society by consciously co-creating with other organizations and businesses a sustainable, technology-rich urban infrastructure.


RCI's vision is to lead the community into the future with a preserved renewable energy strategy that is in tandem with the needs of a new, progressive metropolis. As such, this opportunity will provide the company with useful resources to support its growth and

capacity to reach new heights.

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CEO/Founder Ali Dirul along with Executive Admin Dee Dee Dirul and COO Karanja Famodou received the Business of the Year Award from the 10th Annual Energy Innovators Gala in Detroit on Sept 28. 


In a larger sense, This honor is ultimately a tribute to RCI's ingenuity and commitment to excellence. As a company widely recognized as the premier provider of innovative technological and renewable energy solutions, we all recognize that successes can be traced to the legacy of RCI teamwork over the past 8 years. 


RCI has contributed to the expansion of the growth of advanced energy in Michigan through partnerships with companies, nonprofits, and projects in the city of Detroit.  Amongst are the installation of solar-powered charging stations with Wi-Fi access, allowing residents to charge small devices which allows them to work online and RCI's current iconic project with Lenox center hub to name a few. 


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As Ali Dirul, Founder/CEO of RCI remarks, "The future is rapidly demanding, greener and more self-reliant energy. It’s truly a beautiful time to be alive and we are truly blessed beyond measure to add our piece of the puzzle of creating deep-rooted solar energy innovation and workforce development in underserved communities, The past two to five years have shown us that the world is ready for

cleaner energy and a healthier environment.”

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