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Ryter Cooperative Industries approaches every project with a thorough commitment to client partnerships. We elevate the client's vision by leveraging both the collective and individual expertise of our team, deploying the necessary resources to turn these visions into reality. RCI is dedicated to maintaining forward momentum, actively enhancing the ideas of those who entrust us with their goals and aspirations, ensuring a futuristically-driven approach to realizing their visions.


Resilience Hub Projects

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Chosen as the lead installer of a solar micro-grid solution provider for the New Lenox Center Resilience Hub, the City of Detroit's first climate resilience hub. The new structure, which was opened in October 2023, is a 8,116-square-foot facility built outside of the flood plain and will function as a community space as well as a sustainable resilience hub during emergencies. The building will be powered by roughly 70 kW of solar, which will be connected with an industrial battery and generator to provide backup power during grid interruptions. Indoor youth sports, community activities, classrooms, and quiet learning spaces are all

available at the center. 

Lenox Center Resilience Hub- 67.5 kW

Commercial Projects

Bridging Communities- 20 kW
Congress of Communities-7 kW

Bridging Communities and Congress of Communities were equipped with solar energy panels— an investment that will save non-profits an estimated $160,000 in the next 20 years. And, equally important, the next time power outages sweep Detroit, neither organization will miss a beat.

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Dirul Energy Station

Dirul Energy Station - 5 kW

A grid power station retrofitted from a 40ft Shipping container that issued to power the 7.5 acre D-Town Urban Farm. System was designed and fitted with 3kW of solar and a state of the art Lithium Iron Phosphate battery system.

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Avalon Village Stem Lab

The Lab is a 40ft shipping container that was retrofitted with solar and is an off-grid self contained energy system that was converted into a classroom. The STEM lab will introduce inner city youth of Highland Park MI to the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics disciplines that they otherwise may not gain hands on access with. 

Community Projects

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North CorkTown Commons

This project has provided solar energy to park lights and outlets that will allow the community to fulfill the vision of the Commons which is to provide a space for neighbors to relax and read a book, eat at a table with a group, or gather for large outdoor events such as meetings, performances, and fitness classes. 

Screen Shot 2023-03-03 at 9.05.21 AM.png

Solar Pergola Roof - 4.5 kW

We designed, build, and installed the 4.5 kW array solar roof top for Parker Village HP off grid Cafe that is planned to be the first of its kind in the country.

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Solar-Powered Internet - 10 kW 

RCI and Allied Media partnered to install  SOLAR-POWERED internet access points solar charge stations throughout various parks in the city of Detroit. These charge stations are accessible to the community; not only do they provide a source of power to charge phones and other mobile devices, they also provide wi-fi.

Lighting Projects

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Fox Creek Artscape 

Merging art and solar design together at the Fox Creek Artscape Pavillion in the beautiful Jefferson Chalmers neighborhood. We were able to show that solar lighting can be both practical and beautiful.

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Walker - Miller Energy Services Solar Lot 

Walker Miller Solar Lighting Project retrofit. RCI updated the parking lot lighting for increased security and autonomy.

Clients & Partners

Our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation within the solar energy sector has garnered significant attention and recognition. Throughout our years of experience, we take pride in having earned numerous prestigious awards that serve as a testament to our dedicated efforts in transforming and advancing the renewable energy landscape. These accolades reinforce our position as industry leaders and exemplify our continuous pursuit of excellence in the field of solar energy.

Awards And Recognitions

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