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Into the Future

RCI has made history...

Chosen as the Prime Contractor of solar micro-grid solution provider for the City of Detroit's first climate resiliency hub for the New Lenox Center Resilience Hub. The new building, which is slated to open in 2023, will be an 8,116-square-foot facility built outside of the flood plain and will serve as a space for the neighborhood and a sustainable resilience hub during emergencies. The building will be powered by approximately 70kW of solar integrated will an industrial battery and generator for redundant power availability during grid outages. The center will include flexible spaces for indoor youth sports, community events, classrooms, and quiet learning spaces. Construction has already begun with land clearing.

The project has $600,000 in grants from the General Motors Climate Equity Fund and the Urban Sustainability Directors Network, which will be used to equip the building with solar installations, including a battery and generator to ensure access during times of emergency, such as floods, power outages or severe weather. During these crises, the community center will be a place where residents can go to charge devices; access the internet; get cool, warm, or dry; and get equipment and supplies for addressing the emergency.

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