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What is the future of energy?

Ryter Cooperative Industries (RCI) is a renewable energy project management company. We provide engineering and design support, project management, and educational services to empower our community. We create and apply innovative technology, sustainable solutions, and collective creative ideas through our work in Metro Detroit/Highland Park area.


Ali Dirul, founder of RCI at work!

Who We Are

The RCI team is made up of diverse creative thinkers and builders working together to make our work possible. We are not only engineers and designers, but artists, healers, community advocates and innovators with a system of collaborative communication and co-working that allows us to create robust, forward-thinking solar-energy projects.

Our team here at RCI has been consciously curated by founder, Ali Dirul. Ali is a graduate of

University of Detroit Mercy, earning a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Mechanical

Engineering, with an emphasis in physics. later He received his Masters of Science

in Mechanical Engineering from Oakland University with a concentration in renewable

energy. Ali Dirul resides in the Detroit Metro area where he is an active resource for

local and statewide institutions as a vital part of revitalization think-tanks.

What We Believe

RCI's vision is to lead our community into the future with a preserved renewable energy strategy that is tandem with the needs of a new, progressive metropolis. We are advocates of energy justice and work to support an equitable energy society. We consciously co-create with other businesses and organizations in order to make a sustainable, technology-rich urban infrastructure a reality.

How We Work

Ryter Cooperative Industries prides itself on the expertise and professionalism of our employees. We consult with individual residences, organizations and businesses directly in order to assess your needs and derive a project or design that is perfect for your vision.

Our consultation process is easy! Please the link below to complete our registration form to schedule your site assessment.

Past and Current Projects

We have worked directly with organizations, individuals, businesses in the Metro Detroit/Highland Park area. Our previous partnerships include Allied Media Projects, Better Pontiac Youth Movement, DTE Energy, Soulardarity and more. RCI's ground-breaking design concepts and fresh ideas in renewed energy development is evident in our present work creating a mobile, solar-powered STEM Lab at Avalon Village and can also be seen in our past work with D-Town Farm with the installation of a solar security until, the Dirul Energy Station.

Visit our contact page to sign up for our monthly newsletter and stay connected with our community.

How to Stay in Touch

Please, just contact us!

Phone 248.834.3074

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