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Renewable Energy is Important!

Our planet is currently in a crisis. The overuse of fossil fuels has caused an unimaginable amount of damage to the planet and to human social and economic systems. Global warming, a naturally occurring phenomenon, has been accelerated due to human activity- this means that we have shortened the time that we have to live on this planet, just by our own doings. From what we know, no other animal in the history of the earth has ever done this to themselves.

But! Humans are resilient, creative and intelligent. Any problem that we have created, we also have the capacity to solve. One way to reduce and possibly reverse the negative effects of global warming is by using renewable energy. Renewable energy is energy that is that does not deplete its resource when used, such as wind, water, or solar energy. Renewable energy makes up about 15% of the energy used on the earth, while the rest (85%) is made up of energy produced by fossil fuels. It is is our individual and collective responsibility to ensure that this planet is inhabitable by living beings far into the future. We can do this by taking responsibility now.

Let's look at some ways that investing in renewable energy can improve our lives:


"Our rules and regulations are about things that aren’t pertinent any more – stick frame houses that you pump heat into, endless of amounts of energy and water – wasteful methods of living. Those days are over due to climate change, population explosion, and dwindling resources. If you project them into the future we’ve got a problem."

(Michael Reynolds, Earthship Creator)

Detroit, the Motor City, what can we say? RCI is headquartered right in the heart of the urban landscape that heralded the industrial car production revolution. Now, we live in a globalist world, where many industrial jobs are sent overseas, leaving Detroit and Highland Park, MI a new landscape to plant seeds of change.

The state of Michigan is not only home to the auto industry, it also is home to one of the largest environmental assaults in modern history: The Flint water crisis. Interestingly enough, Michigan's own great lakes hold more than 21% of the freshwater on the entire planet. Michigan must wake up and tap into its abundant resources and creative innovation in order to help lead the entire planet into a more sustainable lifestyle. Where else but here?


"In our every deliberation, we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations."

(The Constitution of the Iroquois Nation)

We are born, and we get free energy. Free air, food, people care for us and make sure we stay alive through their hard efforts. We pay our rent on earth with gratitude and personal service. We earn our keep by giving a bit of ourselves and what we have gained from living, back into the system that gave to us. Our level of social responsibility is a reflection of personal responsibility. If you clean your body, eat, and take care of yourself, know that these are things that every living being should be able to do for themselves. For this reason, we all must ensure that not only we do our part, but we make sure that other humans, future humans, and all living creatures have the chance to do what we have done: experience life.


It is our vision that Detroit will be a leader in American renewable energy and urban sustainable practices. The automotive industry has come and gone, but now it is time for the eco-conscious industry to arrive and evolve. This is why we are here.

Our entire landscape, vision, and trajectory lies in energy equity and economic empowerment that can only be led by the people, and for the people. Here at RCI, we are taking the practical steps to move our world into a new direction. We know you can help! Ask yourself the following questions, and engage with us:

  1. How am I contributing to a cleaner and healthier world?

  2. Is there any way I can support renewable energy projects or infrastructure in my local area?

  3. Do I believe my bloodline will be healthy, happy and whole all the way into the seventh generation?

Checkout our infographic on ways you can live more consciously and sustainably:

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