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February 2021 Blog: RCI Turns Detroit Green

We are grateful for the seemingly endless opportunities to serve our community. Green America honors RCI in this 2017 article describing our work in Highland Park and Detroit. Enjoy!

Ryter Cooperative Industries (RCI), is a metro-Detroit-based small business that works to provide real clean energy engineering solutions to communities that show a strong interest and need for the technology and related education. Established in January of 2015 out of a need to help bridge the gap between the digital and clean energy divide amongst under-represented communities, RCI’s first project was to find a way to provide clean and renewable energy for Detroit’s urban farm by the name of D-Town Farm by upcycling a used 40-foot shipping container and 10 donated solar panels from a local fabrication lab. Fulfilling the need to provide renewable and sustainable power to this Detroit-area project included the design, building, and installation of a 3-kilowatt solar power station out of these materials for use in powering urban agriculture of the farm in partnership with Detroit Black Food Security Network. Other projects include delivery of improved neighborhood safety through the training and installation of more than 100 solar home, alley, and streetlights in Detroit and other neighboring communities through the PowerUP Program in partnership with Highland Park based Soulardarity, a local energy-democracy advocacy organization.

RCI has also been commissioned to design and deploy solar cell-phone charging stations for use at public festivals, solar-powered lawn mowers for use in beautifying neighborhoods without polluting the environment with greenhouse gasses, and supporting clean energy efforts in Standing Rock by providing solar-powered generators for the natives to use. Our social commitment to clean energy has extended to the classroom as well with the teaching local groups on community solar and clean energy trainings for teens and adults that prove how education is a core pillar to the sustainable growth of worker owned groups.

Ryter Cooperative Industries’ CEO, Ali Dirul and his team have forged ahead with a vision of green growth by creating progressive partnerships with local entities that can assist in making ground breaking concepts and innovative ideas in renewable energy development a reality for many communities and neighborhoods that would normally not have access.

The dynamic and capable team of Ryter Cooperative Industries consisting of engineers, designers, project managers, and more seeks to build a green coworking demonstration space that uses 100-percent renewable energy resources and the Green America People & Planet Award can help us to make this a reality!

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What are some renewable energy projects you would like to see in the metro-Detroit area?

Have you come across any of our solar street lights? What do you think?

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